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Jason Hall
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Jason Hall

Registered Agent ACT/NSW

0475 983 079

Registered Agent

Liveability Real Estate Specialist Liveability Real Estate Specialist
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A highly driven real estate professional, Jason Hall has established himself as one of Canberra’s leading agents. His dedication to superior service consistently achieves premium results with referral and repeat business a major part of his workload. Above all, Jason genuinely loves what he does. An excellent communicator and negotiator, he is friendly and enthusiastic by nature, striking the perfect balance between the professional demands of the real estate business and being true to himself. Jason understands the importance of innovation, always looking for new ways to help his clients stand out in the marketplace. He has a proven ability to generate leads from strategic marketing campaigns targeted at attracting the right buyers at the right time to achieve the best possible price. A licensed auctioneer and multiple award winner, for close to ten years Jason has been ranked in the top 15% worldwide of all LJ Hooker agents. He has a strong and clear understanding of the real estate market from every angle, his depth of knowledge grounded by years of experience as a purchaser and seller. Jason believes that honest, clear and timely communication is a critical component of all real estate transactions. That courtesy is available to all members of the community, whether vendor or purchaser. As an LJ Hooker agent, Jason has access to an extensive database and expert systems that make buying a home easier than ever. He is more than happy for potential buyers to share in this knowledge. As a property expert, Jason has worked in the local Gungahlin property market for more than a dozen years. Get the value of his experience... and get to know him better today! Before I was in real estate I was... a tennis coach, gym instructor and studying finance at UNE If I wasn’t in real estate I would be... a primary school teacher I’m very... loyal and persistent The person I admire most is... my dad. Hardest worker I know and also the funniest guy People don’t know this, but... I saw Michael Bolton live in concert during his mullet phase I bought my first house... for $105,000, a fortune at the time! My dream house would be... anything with a tennis court The best investment I made... was going on a first date with my fiancee Pom I had the time of my life... watching Roger Federer play live at Wimbledon in 2007. A few sneaky tears of joy fell into my strawberries and cream that day! Sometimes... I look at my kids and can’t believe I’m a dad Life is... what you make it If you... believe in yourself, you can do anything you put your mind to My motto in life is... no shortcuts My favourite pastimes are... playing tennis, golf and enjoying a quiet cup of coffee while reading the Sunday paper I’d like to.. be a hero for my kids I love... my job

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Suite 2C, Level 1, Gungahlin Village
Gungahlin ACT 2912


0475 983 079

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Light Rail Update
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Light Rail Closer to Operations with Daytime Testing Testing of the light rail vehicles (LRVs) commenced in June between Gungahlin Place and Nullarbor Avenue. Thus far testing has been undertaken at night to allow construction activities to be completed during the day. All elements of the light rail infrastructure and system are being tested including the LRVs, the track, signaling and passenger information systems. As construction of the light rail in the Gungahlin area is nearing completion, the testing program will expand to include daytime activities commencing the week of 13 August. Daytime testing will also include practical driver training for light rail drivers as they prepare for the operational readiness and commencement of services. Daytime testing is an exciting milestone with many more opportunities to see LRVs moving up and down the light rail system! At the same time, it is important for everyone in the community to be mindful of electronic traffic signage, the presence of traffic management personnel and moving LRVs at intersections and crossings. T Traffic Lights on Flemington Road What to expect? Daytime testing will initially take place between Gungahlin Place and Nullarbor Avenue, Monday to Friday. Testing activities will continue at night, as well as during the day in three shifts 5:00am to 1:00pm, 1:00pm to 9:00pm and 9:00pm to 5:00am. A minimum of two (2) LRVs will be on the tracks testing during the day. “T Lights” will regulate LRV movements at intersections. During testing, these will be operational, controlling traffic movements along Flemington Road intersections with Hinder Street, Kate Crace Street and Manning Clark Crescent. From mid-September onwards, more LRVs will be testing on the tracks and the testing area will be extending from Gungahlin to Mitchell.